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EFG fashion (Part Of EURO FOODS GROUP) is the world’s leading
trend authority.

Since 2021, we have armed style-driven businesses across 100+
clients with future

intelligence and creative inspiration on what’s
new and what’s next.

About Our Online Store

EFG fashion (Part Of EURO FOODS GROUP) is the world’s leading trend authority.
EFG Fashion provides strategic intelligence, trend forecasts, actionable insights and accurate product performance data and sharp creative judgement, designed to help our customers get closer to certainty in uncertain times and to seize precise opportunities in accelerating markets.

EFG Fashion addresses a range of functions throughout the organizations we serve. By job function, our users cover the entire spectrum of creative roles:

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Product Development
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Merchandising
  • Designing
  • Buying
  • And many more

Through our core trend reporting subscriptions websites – Fashion, Lifestyle, Clothings, Masks,

lingerie we provide dedicated content:- Design & Inspiration: Forecasts, Colour, Materials & Textiles Prints, Packaging etc. Consumer Insights: Forecasts, Atitudes, Profiles etc Market Intelligence: Trade Shows, Catwalks, Marketing Business Strategies etc.. Let us create a custom solution for you through Advisory: If you have a particular project that requires expert input – be it entering a new market, understanding a specific sector or launching a new range – Ourworld-class experts help you get it right.